The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered among the most powerful 20 economies worldwide, the strongest economy in the Middle East and North Africa region, and a great attraction for direct investments being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, as its economic growth rate has reached 3.6% and it acquires 38% of the total Arab GDP. This has made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a distinctive destination for big investors and businessmen looking for a variety of projects within a strong economic system and a favorable investment climate due to the economic progress that the Kingdom has been able to achieve through overcoming the financial challenges and the exploitation of the Kingdom's environmental features and the vast and wide land space.

The vision of Sheikh Mohammad bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi – the founder, aimed at keeping pace with the economic developments in the Kingdom. Sheikh Mohammad has established the company 50 years ago as a Sole Proprietorship to become in 1998 a Limited Partnership corporation having a number of economic entities under its umbrella.

In order to pursue the investment growth that began in the Kingdom at that stage, these entities have been merged within two holding companies; Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi Holding Company which has been founded in 2007 as a Saudi Closed-Joint Stock Company, integrated with companies of industrial activities, headquartered in Riyadh.

Manafea Holding Company which has been founded in 2008 to act as an investment backbone to the group as a Saudi Closed-Joint Stock Company managing investments in the local and international stock market sector, in addition to the ownership of lands and properties for investment and development purposes through selling and leasing as well as managing and operating hotels, resorts, commercial centers and offices.

In order for the company to gain an influential pioneering position within this strategic step in this promising sector, and to have a clear role in contributing to the economic revitalization of the Kingdom and to achieve balanced earnings through seizing any available investment opportunities both locally and globally as well as creating additional smart opportunities to strengthen its position as a company willing to stay at the forefront of the world of investment and promising projects management.

In order to keep up with the modern investment developments the Kingdom has witnessed over the past years, Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Co. was established in 2015 through merging Manafea Holding Company with Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Holding Co. to become a Closed-Joint Stock company making the companies of Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi family one of the biggest five family companies in the Kingdom with a capital of 4.8 billion Saudi Riyal, completely owned by the heirs of Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi.

Mohammad AbdulAziz Al Rajhi & Sons Co. aspires to benefit from its great expertise and the broad managerial infrastructure through managing huge projects, developing new projects, and supporting start-ups in order to achieve financial profits within projects that would have a positive economic impact on the Kingdom and would open doors for larger projects within the health, service, real estate, and industrial sectors.

The company currently manages a group of pioneering and significant projects which are considered among the core projects within the economy system in the Kingdom. This is all done through a vision characterized by ensuring an outcome of a mixture of successful projects that guarantee sustainable financial balance as well as increasing growth in capital and profits, and to obtain a solid financial position and an organizational and administrative structure that ensures continuity in the diversification of investments and continuous development on multiple levels and unique activities, through an exceptional staff of administrators, engineers, specialists, and technicians that enables the company to acquire and manage multiple-sized projects through an impressive performance and well-organized cost by conducting an intensive study and a clear methodology for requirements. This in turn has resulted in a boom in the business of Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi & Sons Investment Co. through the smart integrated investment solutions it has provided in the best, most up-to-date methods which have contributed to profit growth year after year as well as to the continuity of development and expansion on both the local and international levels.

This all reflects the strategic commercial investment experience of over 60 years which has started by the great efforts of the self-made Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Bin Saleh Al Rajhi. Sheikh Mohammad has faced, and strongly accepted challenges at a very early age in the world of exchange and banking, and has extended his efforts and expansion in commerce to reach the real estate and industry sectors to become one of the biggest, most famous businessmen locally and internationally and to leave his fingerprint on the renaissance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Achieving an optimum and continuous outcome to the total investment within well-thought out risks in order to accomplish the aspirations of the shareholders in accordance with Islamic Shari'a.


Sincerity and dedication in performance while doing and completing duties

Dealing with honesty and trusting the management

Constant pursuit of outstanding success

Working with a team spirit

Commitment to the requirements of the Islamic Shari'a in personal dealings


A prominent figure who has started doing business at an early age of his life. He began intelligently with the banking business and focused on keeping up with the local banking requirements at an individual and company level. This has encouraged him to enter the world of commerce and real estate, and then expand towards the industrial sector. It is Sheikh Mohammad Bin AbdulAziz Al Rajhi, the famous self-made person who has become well-known on both the local and the international levels.

Sheikh Mohammad was among the first people who has started the business of banking and investment in the Kingdom and has put a clear method that has actively continued in supporting the community of Saudi businessmen. As a globally known business man, Sheikh Mohammad made his way with perseverance to boost his fortune all thanks to the God-given insight, vim, efforts and ability to have discipline as well as the determination to achieve success and to leave behind a clear imprint in the world of national economy in general and the philanthropy field in particular.


Manafea Investment

The company relies on expert portfolio managers to manage its Saudi Stock investments, as these portfolio managers have a long professional experience in this field. This includes investment in the field of securities and shares of leading companies in the Saudi Stock Market, including Al Rajhi Bank, the telecommunications sector, the petrochemical sector, the cement sector, and some major companies in the financial sector of the market which supports the company's vision to achieve capital gains and profitable dividends.
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Real estate investment increases the company's capital strength, with what is owned by the company including lands and real estate in the different cities and regions of the Kingdom for the purpose of investment, by purchasing, selling and development of lands as well as the establishment of residential units, offices, and commercial centers in various regions of the Kingdom. In line with the expansion in the company's investment in this sector, Daem Real Estate Investment Company has been established as a continuous extension to the activities of real estate that lasted for more than 50 years. The company's activity focuses on the management of buildings and real estate development of raw lands.


Midtown has a special location in the hills of Riyadh district near Prince Mohammed bin Saad Street (formerly goodness), near the King Abdullah Financial District and many of luxury districts in the north of Riyadh city. In addition to contemporary designs and innovative engineering solutions that suit families with the provision of facilities and services that meet their needs, such as indoor gardening , kids yard, health club and many other entertainment games.
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Within the investment sector, the Saudi Company for Tourism Development has been established, in order to operate in the field of tourism and hotel services, therefore Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Investment Co. has recently celebrated an affiliation with Intercontinental Hotels group, by signing an agreement to operate VOCO InterContinental in Al Khobar, as well as Holiday Inn in Al Khobar. Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Investment Co. is privileged to launch VOCO hotels for the 1st time in Saudi Arabia, and operate Holiday Inn; the largest hotel in the western region of Saudi Arabia. Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Investment Co. takes great pride to play this important role in the development of the tourism sector in the Kingdom.

VOCO Al Khobar

Surrounded by the beauty of the Arabian gulf in the eastern region, VOCO Al Khobar Hotel stands majestically in Al Khobar city nearby Dammam Airport and other strategic locations making it a perfect escape for corporate stays or family breaks alike. The hotel accommodates luxury rooms and Suites where the hotel guests can enjoy access to a variety of exclusive lounges and resorts for a remarkable experience.

VOCO Al Khobar was launched in year 2019, to become one of kind 5 stars hotel with a charming experience in-line with the highest standards of the prestigious brand VOCO. The premium service at VOCO Al Khobar is crowned by genuine international guidelines to secure upmost quality on all levels inside the hotel, wherein the hotel is comprised of 130 rooms and suites, along two fine dining restaurants, and spa, and outdoor pool. VOCO Al Khobar offers a personalized premium experience for leisure, as well as business purpose too, with a main business center among the outlets, and 14 conference rooms.


For adopting a diversification strategy, Mohamed Abdul Aziz Al-Rajhi and son’s investment Co. invests in the equity of various other companies based on agree-upon investment standards and carefully studied investment risk boundaries that aim to take advantage of the integration of capital, intellectual property rights and management. The targeted sectors include services, health care, education, and consumer.


Several investment companies with different activities such, services, and health activities in addition to consumption fall under this category of investments. This includes, the International Beverage Company, Al Jazeera for Home Appliances Limited Company, and Falcon for Plastic Products Company.

Al Rajhi for Steel Industry Limited Company (Al Rajhi Steel)

Founded by Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi in 1984. It consists of several factories specialized in the production of various types of steel products. These factories use the latest technology and equipment to produce high quality products that abide by the local and international standards. These factories have an extensive network of customers in the local and Gulf markets and a large number of Arab countries. Al-Rajhi Steel is classified as one of the leading national companies and is considered among the largest iron and steel manufacturing companies in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in the production of steel rebar (reinforcing steel) and commercial steel, and it is one of Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Holding Companies. In addition, it is an active member of the Arab Union for Iron and Steel. Al Rajhi Steel was able to cover 20% of the Saudi market for each of its products; the commercial steel and steel rebar. It was also able to expand to the foreign markets through exporting to all the Arab Gulf countries, as well as a group of neighboring countries. Al Rajhi Steel is considered the second-largest Saudi company in the field of iron and steel manufacturing. The company owns 9 world-class, high-level factories in Riyadh and Jeddah with 2,500 employees.
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The International Beverage Company

The company began a factory for the production of healthy water in Qassim area in 1995, in cooperation with the French company Perier that specializes in this field. The International Beverage company was established as a Limited Liability Company in 2009. The company is owned by Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Investment Co.; one of the leading companies in the production of water bottles in the Kingdom and the Gulf area. It includes four factories distributed in Riyadh, Qasem, Qanfatha, and Abha with 1500 employees. Its total water production reaches 750 million liters. The cpmpany's products are marketed under two trade names; Bereen and Faiha'a. The company has a wide client base that has given it a distinctive and leading position in the market compared to other manufacturers. The International Beverage company is considered one of the most approved and used companies to the Saudi Arabian Airlines and several other airline companies. The company also has contracted with a number of hospitals and governmental agencies.
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Al Jazeera Limited Liability Company for Home Appliances

Since four decades, specifically in 1973, Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Al Rajhi has established Al Jazeera for Home Appliances Limited Company in Riyadh in the first industrial zone, and established the first factory in the Middle East for Desert Air Conditioners providing a global product that meets the needs of local consumers.

Since its Inception, Al Jazeera for Home Appliances Company has gained consumers' trust which led to the company's growth over the past four decades. The company currently owns 9 factories and 31 showrooms distributed throughout the Kingdom, in addition to a well-established network of distributors, backed up by an outstanding after-sales service that provides 15 products of electrical appliances and spare parts in over 100 innovative models and under 12 brand names in the Gulf region, the Middle East, and Africa.
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Falcon for Plastic Products Company

Falcon for Plastic Products was founded in 2009 as a limited liability company, and a subsidiary of Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi and Sons Holding Company. The company includes two factors; Falcon Industries Factory which was established in 1987. The factory produces 18,000 tons of plastic, and 52 million tons of adhesives, including adhesive strips. The other factory is Al Jazeera Plastic Products Factory, which was established in 1988, with a production capacity of 2800 tons.
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The National Gypsum Company

Sheikh Mohammad Abdulaziz Al Rajhi has established Al Yamama Gypsum Factory in the Hanya, Al Khirj area which began production in 2004 with a productivity of 240 tons per day. In the same year, a study has been initiated to establish the National factory of Gypsum in the Qasab area, locared 85 km north of the city of Yanbu', which began production in 2009 with a production capacity of 600 tons per day. The factory specializes in the production of two major products; of gypsum boards and gypsum powder.
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Global Invest Limited and Global Invest One Limited

Alrajhi Invest possesses two investment subsidiaries which are active in the horizon of international investments, wherein both of them are located in the British Islands Cayman, operating under the names “Global Invest Limited and Global Invest One Limited” these companies have achieved a proven success record for Alrajhi Invest globally and locally in different market industries and business investments.

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