Executive Committees

The internal committees have been set up within the administrative structure of the company to perform fundamental duties that include many periodic and continuous tasks and responsibilities to ensure the proper planning and development of employees and maintain the level of their efforts and loyalty, in addition to achieving impartiality and independence in the performance of the duties and to assist the Board of Directors in supervising the company's financial control processes, as well as to check the efficiency of the internal control system, ensure the safety of the financial statements, follow up the level of efficiency and quality, and the independence of the external auditor of the company.

Among the main tasks of the committees is to ensure that the company's internal audit department is performing its duties efficiently, and to control the internal audit procedures and then make recommendations and periodic reports to the Board of Directors with respect to the work performed.

Audit Committee

Headed by Mr. Majed Bin Saleh Mohamed Al-Rajhi, with the committee member Mr. Mohammad Bin Saad Dawood, and the committee member Mr. Meshaal Bin Omairah.